The Memetic Scripture

It is time a true saviour comes forth and shines light upon the Dogechain.

A brief history of shitcoining.

In the deepest, darkest bear market, degens are looking for hope.

Our bags are dwindling, our group chats are silent, our favorite shitcoins are mere dust.

Only a few months ago, we were aping anything that launched and making 50x on each new dog token.

Many laughed. Many rolled their eyes. But they misunderstood.

What they thought was reckless gambling in a foolish casino, was also the propagation of a shared idea and belief that we could succeed together. A network of degenerate friends passing alpha through their group chats and winning together. History was made.

Memetics met economics for the first time.

What the eye-rollers did not understand, is that memecoins have been the greatest transfer of wealth in our modern history.

“But where’s the utility”, they cried?!

Friendships were forged across the internet, through a shared understanding that when the community comes together, we can achieve true greatness. Anonymous degens in their basements were able to connect with others, in a medium where gender, wealth, race, socio-economic status, disability or sexual orientation did not matter.

As long as you are based, you’re in. It’s as simple as that.

We connected. To many, it’s inexplicable. How can you *know* anyone, through an anonymous chat room on the internet, they ask? Well, you either get it, or you don’t. For thousands of misfits, autists, geeks and introverts — this was our home.

We shared Pepe stickers and rugs, good times and bad. We rallied together to find those low market cap gems. Some built, some aped, some rugged. Legacies were born. If you found the right community at the right time, you could turn $100 into millions and free yourself from the worries a capitalist society inflicts on us all. Many did.

Then came the bear and our hope was waning.

Until, out of nowhere, came an entire chain dedicated to memecoins.

Degens rejoiced.

Though like chains before it, the early days of Dogechain have been tarnished with scams, rugs and *shudder* utility projects.

Degens are longing for a true, safu memecoin that can bring the masses to our chain and cement it in memecoin architecture forevermore.

So whilst the eye-rollers ask for utility, and invest in algorithmic stablecoins and centralized layer 1 blockchains that have 9–5 opening hours, their bags are down approximately 95% YTD.

Whilst our dog tokens are also down, we have networks of friends, business partners and communities where we belong.

So I ask you, what defines utility for you? What do you value?

Next, let’s discuss the history of the meme and the cultural information transfer.

In his 1976 book The Selfish Gene, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins hypothesized that living beings are mere vehicles for the transmission of the genetic information they bear.

Analogous to a gene, the meme was conceived by Dawkins as a “unit of culture” (an idea, belief, pattern of behavior, etc.) which is “hosted” in the minds of one or more individuals, and which can reproduce itself in the sense of jumping from the mind of one person to the mind of another.

Thus what would otherwise be regarded as one individual influencing another to adopt a belief is seen as an idea-replicator reproducing itself in a new host.

Whilst these were the origins of meme theory, they did not find success.

Memes are otherworldly and immeasurable. Trying to define such a phenomenon with rigid logical thinking is bound to fail, though we as humans tend to want ‘hard proof’ to measure and validate something as truth.

How egotistical we are to suggest that if something isn’t directly measurable by humans, it must not exist.

Religion, however, requires faith rather than hard evidence. In his 1991 essay “Viruses of the Mind”, Dawkins used memetics to explain the phenomenon of religious belief and the various characteristics of organized religions.

More recently, we have seen Milady and Remilia popularize network spirituality, which removes the confines of traditional science and widens the lens through which we understand cultural information transfer, integrating both art and non-dogmatic spirituality.

“Network Spirituality could be the new contrarian ideology. Embedding spiritual and moral values into memes and merits engraved in naturally self propagating distributed ledgers.”

“Network spirituality: the unified ecosystem of posting, of interdependent roles embedded in the network and embodied by posters, who lubricate the system for hived art production. each part (each poster) operates independently yet constitutes the whole”

All of this to say, memes are the most effective method of cultural information transfer that we have seen.

They ripple out across the globe, uniting through humor. Open source smart contracts and thus memecoins are examples of replicators; being reproduced and remixed freely with no burden of ownership.

With memecoins, we see the intersection of memetics and economics for the first time.

Though all attempts to explain or theorize memetics miss the most important aspect of virality; the very real impact of the humans behind the screens. Whilst memes transcend hard science; they do not exist, travel or create change without human input.

As any memecoin connoisseur will know, success is not solely reliant upon the talent of the developers or the team; but also the community and their ability to create and spread the message like a benevolent virus throughout the network.

Though the team is of course important to guide the ship, they are merely vessels assisting in transmuting an idea into a reality.

Virality as Utility

I believe that memecoins are crypto’s killer use case.

and a new community will be unleashed in stealth over the coming days, with the intention to harness the power of viral memetics and community to unite degens in a common mission, to ensure that Dogechain wins the battle of memechain supremacy.

The token is just a vessel. The power is in your hands.

The true utility of a successful memecoin is the coordination and unification of a community to achieve virality through humor and on-board new users to crypto.

Each community member is of equal footing. We operate as nodes, moving together in unison to spread the gospel to the uninitiated. We are non-dogmatic or religious, merely a meme. All are welcome, together we win.

Code is speech and it is art. Think back to the rise in popularity of flashmobs, creating live action art. Memecoin communities operate in similar fashion, though anonymously and online. The utility is virality, community, connection, belonging and friendship.

The end result is adoption and thus memecoins, it can be argued, are one of the great beacons of hope to true crypto values.

When you hold memecoins, you don’t solely find value if the number goes up. You find value through your new network of like-minded degens — and that can lead to beautiful things.

DeFi natives speak of on-boarding the world to crypto, whilst making fun of memecoins. Yet the things that are at the very heart of being human are what drive the success of these tokens and when memecoins are taken seriously, we will see the next killer token and the next wave of retail adoption.

And it’s not just me who believes this:

Memes are valuable.

Memes are hard to define, they are like… very memorable units, usually associated with humor or other message, an imitation, with social cues, with wide reach, and mobility, and an element of culture that may be considered to be passed on by non-genetic means, a global language that connects generations.

Cat believes memes will rise to the top as they outperform every other asset through each boom bust.

- CL, E-Girl Capital on MemeFi

So join us, in our quest to bring the first true viral memecoin to Dogechain.

We will entertain you and coordinate you, but the success of this mission falls on us all.

Let’s show the world that they eye-rolled at the wrong motherfuckers.

Yours lovingly,

Angelina Wooflie

The elements of this essay that don’t make sense, will upon our reveal.



Memefi maximalist e-girl

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